About Us

The Texas Supreme Court Historical Society (TSCHS) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of information, papers, photographs, and significant artifacts relating to the Supreme Court and the appellate courts of Texas.  The Society sponsors scholarship relating to the history of the Texas judiciary and furthers efforts to raise public awareness about the judicial branch of government and its role in the development of Texas.  On behalf of the court, the Society acts as conservator for the judicial portrait collection and other paintings and valued historic items belonging to the court.

Established in January 1990 on the Sesquicentennial of the first session of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas, the Society’s incorporation papers were filed with the Secretary of State by three former Chief Justices: Robert Calvert, Joe R. Greenhill and Jack Pope.  The founding president, Judge Jack Hightower, then serving as Justice on the Texas Supreme Court, enlisted the support of the court for creating the Society and procured the cooperation and assistance of the State Bar of Texas. 

Membership is open to all individuals, organizations, institutions, and corporations interested in advancing the Society’s purposes. Information about joining the Society is available under Get Involved.

Officers, 2014–2015



Ms. Marie R. Yeates

President-Elect: Mr. Ben L. Mesches
Vice President : Ms. Macey Reasoner Stokes


Ms. Marcy Hogan Greer
Treasurer: Mr. David F. Johnson
Immediate Past President: Mr. Douglas W. Alexander
Chair Emeritus: Hon. Jack Pope, Chief Justice (Ret.)


Board of Trustees

Mr. Robert  A. Black

Mr. Josiah M. Daniel III

Mr. Dylan O. Drummond

Hon. Craig T. Enoch, Justice (Ret.)

Mr. David A. Furlow

Mr. Robin C. Gibbs

Mr. Robert B. Gilbreath

Mr. Warren W. Harris

Mr. James C. Ho

Hon. Wallace B. Jefferson, Chief Justice (Ret.)

Mr. Peter M. Kelly

Ms. Lynne Liberato

Mr. Christopher W. Martin

Hon. Ann Crawford McClure

Prof. Joseph W. McKnight

Mr. Larry McNeill

Mr. W. Frank Newton

Hon. Harriet O'Neill, Justice (Ret.)

Mr. William W. Ogden

Mr. Richard R. Orsinger

Mr. Harry M. Reasoner

Ms. S. Shawn Stephens

Hon. Rick Strange

Ms. Cynthia K. Timms

Mr. C. Andrew Weber

Mr. R. Paul Yetter

Court Liaison

Justice Paul W. Green, Supreme Court of Texas


The members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the Society’s general membership at their Annual Meeting held each March.  Trustees serve staggered three-year terms.  To fill vacancies, the Board of Trustees may elect interim appointees until the general membership election.


David J. Beck, Chair of the Fellows *

Joseph D. Jamail, Jr.*

Richard Warren Mithoff *


Marianne M. Auld

S. Jack Balagia

Robert  A, Black

E. Leon Carter

Tom A. Cunningham *

David  A. Furlow and Lisa Pennington

Harry  L. Gillam, Jr.

William Fred Hagans
Lauren and Warren Harris *

Allyson and James C. Ho *

Jennifer and Richard Hogan, Jr.

Dee J. Kelly, Jr. *

David E. Keltner *

Thomas S. Leatherbury

Lynne Liberato *

Mike McKool, Jr. *

Ben  L. Mesches

Nick C. Nichols

Hon. Thomas R. Phillips

Hon. Jack Pope *

Shannon H. Ratliff *

Robert M. Roach, Jr. *

Leslie Robnett

L. Wayne Scott *

Reagan W. Simpson *

S. Shawn Stephens *

Hon. J. Dale Wainwright

Charles R. Watson, Jr.

R. Paul Yetter *


* Charter Fellow



The following are Life Members of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society.  This membership category is closed to new members.

Lipscomb Life Members:

Hon. Margaret Garner Mirabal

Hon. Jack Pope

Hon. Charles A. Spain, Jr.

Wheeler Life Members:


David J. Beck

Martin D. Beirne

William J. Chriss

Hon. Murry B. Cohen

Josiah M. Daniel, III

Frank Douglass (deceased)

Edward F. Fernandes

David A. Furlow

Bryan A. Garner

Hon. Wm. L. Garwood (deceased)

Hon. Raul A. Gonzalez

Hon. Joe R. Greenhill (deceased)

Rusty Hardin

Warren W. Harris

Edwin H. Higgins

Hon. Laura Carter Higley

James C. Ho

Jennifer Bruch Hogan

Richard P. Hogan, Jr.

Hon. Lynn N. Hughes

Hon. Wallace B. Jefferson

Franklin Jones, Jr. (deceased)

Lynne Liberato

Lyn Phillips

Hon. Jack Pope

Michael V. Powell

William S. Pugsley

Harry M. Reasoner

Eduardo R. Rodriguez

Hon. Xavier Rodriguez

Hon. Michael Schneider

Charles W. Schwartz

Max Sherman

Reagan W. Simpson

Hon. Ruby Kless Sondock

Stephen G. Tipps

Ben F. Vaughan, III

Andrew Weber

Justice Don Willett

Hon. Ken Wise

Thomas C. Wright

Evan A. Young




Administrative Coordinator

Mary Sue Miller joined the staff in August 2011. Before that she worked at the State Bar of Texas for 30 years, primarily in the Finance Division, where her most recent position was Accounts Receivable Manager. She has assisted at the Society's Annual John Hemphill Dinner for 15 years, and both of her children worked for the Society between semesters of college.

Consulting Editor

Marilyn Duncan has been Consulting Editor for the Society's History Book Project since October 2006. Before that she was Director of Communications and Publications at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs for more than twenty-five years. In addition to her contract work for the Society, she is a freelance publications consultant and editor for a number of organizations and faculty members.