The Fellows program was launched in 2012, and is comprised of members of the Society who contribute at the highest levels, with Hemphill Fellows contributing $5,000 or more annually and Greenhill Fellows contributing $2,500 or more annually. The Fellows program raises funds for special Society projects like the biennial History of Texas & Supreme Court Jurisprudence CLE course, Society-sponsored books like The Texas Supreme Court: A Narrative History, 1836–1986 by renowned author Jim Haley, the Society’s Taming Texas book and educational curriculum for middle-school students, as well as hosting historical oral argument reenactments. In addition, since 2013 the Fellows have hosted an exclusive annual dinner with the Court. Fellows also enjoy special recognition at all Society events.

Become a Member 

Hemphill Fellows ($5,000 or more annually)

David J. Beck*
Joseph D. Jamail, Jr.* (deceased)
Richard Warren Mithoff*

Greenhill Fellows ($2,500 or more annually)

Stacy and Douglas W. Alexander
Marianne M. Auld
Robert A. Black
Hon. Jane Bland Justice and Doug Bland 
E. Leon Carter
Michael Easton
Harry L. Gillam, Jr. 
Marcy and Sam Greer
William Fred Hagans
Lauren and Warren Harris*
Thomas F.A. Hetherington
Jennifer and Richard Hogan, Jr.
Dee J. Kelly, Jr.*
Hon. David E. Keltner (Ret.)*
Thomas S. Leatherbury
Lynne Liberato*
Mike McKool, Jr.*
Ben L. Mesches
Jeffrey L. Oldham
Hon. Harriet O’Neill, Justice (Ret.) and Kerry N. Cammack
Hon. Jack Pope* (deceased)
Shannon H. Ratliff*
Harry M. Reasoner
Robert M. (Randy) Roach, Jr.*
Leslie Robnett
Professor L. Wayne Scott*
Reagan W. Simpson*
Allison M. Stewart 
Cynthia K. Timms 
Peter S. Wahby
Hon. Dale Wainwright Justice (Ret.)
Charles R. Watson, Jr.
R. Paul Yetter*
*Charter Fellow

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